Other Projects (film, animation, awards, other) 2015-2019

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StarMan (Writer): 30min. Drama. Nine Ladies Films

Faith wins Bronze at the North American Film Awards 

Wasteland (Producer): 30min. Thriller. Nine Ladies Film, Wirksworth

Among Us (Writer): 10min. Drama. Red Mosquito Films

Animated advertising script for Job Square Qatar. NDA

Jo (Staff writer 6-eps): Children’s animation. Evogue Studios

I Can Save Mummy (Writer): 30min. Drama. Preproduction with Falling Reel Studios

The Wasteland (Co-Producer): 20min. Drama. Anon Film

The Mad Jicks (Writer): 20min. Comedy. Red Mosquito Films

Dying to Laugh (Writer): 90min. Black comedy. Optioned

One Hundred Voices: Volume Two (Contributor): (Published by Centum Press)

Vital Ingredients (comedy podcast). Radio production by Podcast Adventures

The Collector (Co-writer): 90min. Thriller. In Development with Anon Motion Pictures

UQT (Lead writer, Director, Producer): 30min. Comedy/Parody. Preproduction

Faith wins Award of Recognition at the IndieFest Awards

He Leadeth Me (Writer): 15min. Drama. Optioned to HBFilms

100 Voices Vol 2 (Contributor). Literary publication

I, Gavin (Writer): 30min. Comedy/Thriller. Shacky T Films, UK

The End of the World (Short)(Writer): 5min. Dystopian drama. RMF

Bryn Bowen’s Underpants (Short)(Writer): 20min. Sci-fi/Black comedy. HBFilms

Working Girl (Writer, Director): 10min. Drama. Red Mosquito Films

Breakups: An Anthology of Emotional Stories (Contributor): (Amazon ASIN B01KIYI5MM)

Faith wins Best Inspirational Film at the LA Film Awards

The Turngait (2016)(Writer): 80min. Supernatural/Horror. Spec

Zip (Writer): 10min. Supernatural/Horror; prequel to No Way Back. Anon Film

Contest Winner Short Story & Flash Fiction Soc. Anthology (2): Gene Splicing on the Fly

Reflexions (Writer, Co-producer): 10min. Experimental drama. Red Mosquito Films

No Way Back (Writer): 15min. Supernatural/Horror. Anon Film

Bella (Writer): 25min. Black comedy. Falling Reel Studios

The Mayflower Diaries (comedy fiction) Broadcast, UK 18/5/16

Elbow Pads, Spring Issue (Contributor: Banana Voodoo)

The Viewer (Writer, Co-producer): 80min. Supernatural/Thriller. Nine Ladies Film

Requested to direct “Under Wraps” British/Asian comedy feature. In development

Countenance (2016)(Writer, Director): 5min silent short. Drama. Red Mosquito Films

Aftershow Triptych (Writer, Producer, Director,): 10min. Comedy/Philos. RMF

Greenford Bunker No.6: TV mini-series (Writer). Apocalyptic/Comedy

Faith (Writer, Assoc. Prod.): 10min short. Drama/Supernatural. HBProductions

Roots (Faces from the Past): full-length feature film. Drama/British Gangster/Comedy 

Labyrinthos (Writer, Assoc. Prod): 15min. Horror. Optioned; Falling Reel Studios

Bryn Bowen’s Underpants: feature film. Action/Comedy/Sci-Fi

Chasing Mallard Modgkin: feature film. Action/Comedy/Crime. Co-author: Divia M

The New Owners: full-length feature film. Comedy/ Drama

Greenford Bunker No.6: 10min short. Comedy/Apocalyptic

Heat (2016)(Writer): 10min short. Psychological Horror. Development in Slovenia

Up Goblin: 30min short. Comedy/Drama. Spec-script

Salvation: full-length feature film. Horror/Occult. Spec-script

The Haquarious Twoo: 10min animation. Spec-script

Reflections from a Pine Box: 5min short. Comedy/Philos. Spec-script

Keeper: 30min short. Supernatural/Comedy. Spec-script

Death Warms Up: 10min short/monologue. Comedy/Philos. Salt Productions

Psych: 10min short. Dystopian/Drama. Spec-script

The Devil Takes the Hindmost: full-length feature film. Supernatural/Comedy

Lost Luggage: 20min short. Drama/Comedy. Red Mosquito Films (2018?)

Sapper: pilot episode and series treatment for sitcom. Drama/Historic

Best of British Pigeon: short comedy play, 20-30mins. Published by Comedy Plays online

The Séance: short comedy play, 20-30mins. Published by Comedy Plays online

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