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Funeral Foul-ups (and Titbits) is a short salty account of the best and worst funerals the world has ever seen. Compiled after 14 years’ in-the-field practice the book celebrates, commemorates, praises, mocks, clobbers and blames.

It contains retold real-life stories not only of exploding crematoria, gravediggers in graves, an undertaker killed by a coffin and a random woman twerking on a corpse in the middle of the road, but so too of the more unusual happenings of undertakers (some of the stories even have a positive edge).


The aura of the book (subject matter, way of writing, outlook) is similar to books like The Darwin Awards, What a Way to Go and to a lesser extent An Undertaker’s Diary. I intended for it to appeal not only to people still in the business but an audience of general public who are interested in the profession.


I worked in the funeral trade from 2001 until 2015. Some of the stories herein are based on personal experiences. For an industry veiled in secrecy it is a collection of embarrassing revelations and events best forgotten.


Funeral Foul-ups (and Titbits) is a retelling of reports taken from newspapers and online pages, with some personal accounts too. 


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