Entries in publications and separate works 2011-2019

Copy: Simple Flying (various 2019)

Reportage: Crufts x2 (various 2019)

Copy: PlanetXYZ (various 2019)

Copy: Wamiz International (various 2018-2019)

Copy: Leslie Franks Solicitors (various 2017-2018)

Copy: Assertive Media (various 2017-2019)

Feature: Free Funerals are Possible with a Little Know How (2019)

Copy: SCI-MX fitness and nutrition (various 2017-2019)

Review: Concerts (Bachtrack 2018)

iOS App copywriter: Jiwatt Personal Trainer (2017-2018)

Book: The Mostest Fun You'll Ever Have! (Independent Publishing 2018)

Book: Funeral Foul-ups (and Titbits) (Independent Publishing 2017)

Feature: Contain-a-Bar: Britain’s Mobile Pub (Snizl 2017)

Feature: Movie Quiz: The Movie Script Quiz (FilmDebate 2017)

Feature: Where Yoga Came From and Where It's Going (MeBit 2017) 

Feature: Les Enfants Terribles, Weymouth: more than just see food and eat (Snizl 2017)

Feature: Movie Quiz: An Extreme Long Shot (FilmDebate 2017)

Feature: Cool for School: 6 Iconic Film Cars (FilmDebate 2017)

iOS App editorial: Why you need to post a food photo on EatOpine, not Instagram

Reportage: Why Daniel Craig's Bond is more Bond than ever (FilmDebate 2017)

Reportage: 5 Woody Allen Films To Watch Before You Die (FilmDebate 2017)

Reportage: Five Horror Films That Hit The Spot In 2017 (FilmDebate 2017)

Reportage: The Bryter Side of Leicester (LocalBible 2017)

Various features and articles under NDA May - June 2017

Promotion: Making Yoga Work for You (online NDA 2017)

Feature: Face Pulls, the Ultimate Guide (online NDA 2017)

Feature: The Rise of the Fake Funeral Director (Funeral Service Journal) May 2017

And The Courtly Tongue Did Lash! January (Printed: Centum Press) 2017

Breakups: An Anthology of Emotional Stories (Printed: Amazon) April 2016

Funeral Director’s Ode (Printed: Herald Express, Devon) May 2011

Instructional books and promotion for Funeralcare and Dignity Funerals UK 

Elbow Pads, Spring 2016 Printed Issue (Contribution: Banana Voodoo)

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